airPA Flight Attendants provide the ultimate luxury in-flight service to pamper you and make each flight a true pleasure.  While your safety and security are always our primary concern, we delight in using our culinary training to deliver a level of service that exceeds expectations with an understated tone.  Allow us to make your next private jet flight a truly personal experience tailored specifically to your individual desires.


Our Corporate Flight Attendants go beyond maintaining top industry safety and emergency training. We take service a step further by "thinking outside of the tube," embracing a full service concept that makes the most of our relationship with each client. The boundaries between time in the air and on the ground are flexible when you live part of your life in a private jet, and we just think we should be too. 

Our Services

Corporate Flight Attendants

Industry Standard Safety and Culinary Trained

Private Jet Setup

New Aircraft Setup and Staging


Your Personal Assistant "On the Fly"

Pet Nanny

Your Pet's Companion When You're Busy

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