Change Is In The AIR

airPAlogoHave you noticed that just about everybody who is anybody has a “PA” these days? The corporate flight attendant works closely with his or her client’s PA to make sure they can provide the support on the road that the client needs when the PA can’t be there. We become their extension, a sort of PA in the air, if you will.
DSC_3118Our company started out quite humbly by stepping in to fill an unmet need in private aviation. We took highly trained corporate flight attendants and gave them additional training in pet first aid and nutrition as well as pet in-flight safety protocols to provide a safe, secure environment for clients traveling with their pets. Over time we added layers of service and became more of a personal assistant to our clients and found ourselves flying more and more missions with only humans on board. It seems our extra attention to detail and willingness to think “outside the tube” was something that clients valued and desired.

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We are finally evolving from Sit ‘n Stay Global to airPA to embrace the full concept of our services. You see we have embraced the concept that our clients want more than VIP service from wheels up until the the door pops open. We are entrusted with valuable information that allows us to become an integral part of their travel team to make travel feel less like a departure and more like another productive day.

So for those who want something more, perhaps this is the place. In addition to amazing VIP in-flight service, we also offer our concierge service and of course we continue to cater to our furry clients as only we can. People flying on private jets expect the best, we just think they should get it.


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