Dogs on a Plane…

Some clients make such an immediate first impression on you that you are drawn to them and your relationship is set forever. It was that way with Dolce. I descended down the steps of a sleek private jet in my 4 inch heels and designer suit and she swept me off my feet. Literally. I took her leash and she took off. She was not a demure Golden Retriever in any way, rather a force to be reckoned with and she wanted to establish her place at the top of this pack. We came to an understanding and became the very dearest of friends.

Dolce was smart, very smart and she understood that when I asked her to sit she should do so immediately as it might be for her safety. Of course Dolce would choose where she would sit…

She had a keen intuition and appreciation for the finer things in life…

And I could always depend on her to help me with the rest of the passengers when she wasn’t shooting her own Go-Pro clips!

The thing that you came to appreciate after spending time around Dolce, who later became a neighbor and a friend, was that below that fierce sharky exterior was a marshmallow heart. I guess that’s why she was a “Daddy’s girl” so much. She would run the fence and bark like crazy and nobody in Pebble Beach EVER had to worry about a wayward UPS or FEDEX driver since she knew them all. She could manage a crowd of any size, just like her loving Mom and you could see her brain working to keep things in order. She could also crawl up into your lap and groan quietly with contentment.

Last week Dolce finally came up against something she couldn’t manage or control. She came up against an evil that had taken her Daddy 3 years ago and a few of her preceding Golden family members. This evil looked a lot like the nasty Hemangiosarcoma that took Beijet, her predecessor, but was actually malignant Histiocytoma. True to form, she hit the wall running and was good up to the end. She slowed, limped a bit and then… gone.

The void that wild soul has left behind is tremendous, but her lessons and antics will remain with us forever. I, for one, am grateful for taking the time while she was alive to share quiet moments with her looking out the window of a Gulfstream through her eyes. I am certain, without a doubt, that those silver wings have “slipped the surly bonds of earth… and touched the face of God.”
I will never look out the window the same again. Godspeed Dolce. Thank you sweet shark.


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