Business or Pleasure?

How many times do you check into a hotel or step on a flight and someone enquires “Are you traveling for business or pleasure today?” In the travel industry it all seems to blur into one and we call it all business because so often we feel like we’re at the office on the road. This past week I got away for a truly pleasure trip with women I have been friends with for almost 40 years and remembered how to relax and recharge. Come on along and maybe a few of you will be inspired to get out there and get it while you can…


Yes, we did completely silly, touristy things and felt absolutely no shame. Thank you Gayla, our hostess who lives there part time for playing right along!

We made an adventure of going to the grocery store EVERY day in case they ran out of wine or snacks before the eclipse. I think we were probably the biggest threat…  We would take our places on the front porch each afternoon and bid another perfect day farewell and wave at the few folks that drove by.



In case you’re wondering what our view was, well, here you go. Worshipping at the base of the Tetons!




So finally we did get get up and go hiking through what seemed to be a field of dreams!



Which led down by the water…




Where life just seemed to slow down a bit



Leaving us with a deep sense of wonder and gratitude for such amazing beauty and pure friendships. We cherished it all as the light dimmed one last day. 



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