We’d like you to meet Buddy.  Buddy is pretty near and dear to our hearts and has grown on quite a few other hearts as well through his Facebook page: Buddy’s “Be the Dog” Life.  You see, Buddy had cancer and shared Canine Cancer from a Dog's Perspective...  How did Buddy handle living with cancer?  Like Buddy handled everything:  just "Be the Dog!"

His page helps raise awareness about canine cancer in a unique way and passes along some pretty valuable information about how to fight it, and how to fund the fight.  Mostly it will help us all live life a little better by just "being."

Buddy inspires us to be the best we can each day.  To that end, airPA donates a portion of our profits to the Animal Cancer Foundation. The ACF leads the way in Comparative Oncology; supporting research that advances the prevention and treatment of cancer for people and pets.  You see, domestic pets are the true models for human cancer.  Consequently, therapies initially developed to benefit our pets may ultimately lead to more effective, less toxic therapies for people. 

You can help us in this fight by donating directly to The ACF to help save our pets and other family members, and help them fight this fight.