Don’t Shop, Adopt!

May 16 is a big GOTCHA day in this house. A day celebrated joyously every year as we remember the day we brought home Buddy and Shiloh from the shelter in 29 Palms, CA. Neither Buddy or Shiloh are with us any more, but the joy they brought us changed us forever.   After losing… Continue reading


From Both Sides NOW


Hey efurrypawdy, Buddy here.  Yup, rub your eyes and blink a few times and then look again.  It’s ME!  I’ve been pretty lucky since crossing over, I have a very liberal “hall pass” system and get to come back and forth a lot and break through for important missions.  Of course I gotta tell ya,… Continue reading


The Face of K9 Cancer

Today is a special day in our house.  Many houses have a day like today… It is a day when you pause to remember.  On that day you said goodbye to your special soul mate you promised you would never forget, and that is absolutely true.  You see, eight years ago today we said goodbye… Continue reading