The Empowered Passenger


The Empowered Passenger   Considerable thought has been given to the role your crew plays in your safety when you fly. In commercial aviation there is required minimum staffing on each aircraft. There are very few requirements in private aviation, which is unfortunate, considering that private jet is often carrying the top management of a… Continue reading


Catering 101

    If you are reading this article, then you have probably been surprised and disappointed by a catering order or two in your day. It can be difficult to stay focused when that happens and time is of the essence so usually this involves a quick call to the caterer and some spirited conversation.… Continue reading


CRM for Dummies

The subject is usually doomed from the start for those of us who get it in safety training or any other aviation related course. Often it is tucked in right after lunch to ease you into the afternoon and few pay attention. Quick: What is CRM anyway? CRM’s primary purpose is to make optimum use… Continue reading


Fine Tuning A Craft

Every profession has well-defined roles within it. Aviation, the military and medicine lead the way in articulating precise roles within specific chains of command. Some of the support roles have more flexibility and can be adjusted to fit a client’s needs and should be to make sure we remain responsive in this fluid and competitive… Continue reading


Change Is In The AIR


Have you noticed that just about everybody who is anybody has a “PA” these days? The corporate flight attendant works closely with his or her client’s PA to make sure they can provide the support on the road that the client needs when the PA can’t be there. We become their extension, a sort of… Continue reading