The Empowered Passenger


The Empowered Passenger   Considerable thought has been given to the role your crew plays in your safety when you fly. In commercial aviation there is required minimum staffing on each aircraft. There are very few requirements in private aviation, which is unfortunate, considering that private jet is often carrying the top management of a… Continue reading


CRM for Dummies

The subject is usually doomed from the start for those of us who get it in safety training or any other aviation related course. Often it is tucked in right after lunch to ease you into the afternoon and few pay attention. Quick: What is CRM anyway? CRM’s primary purpose is to make optimum use… Continue reading


Flying Your Dream

Maxx and Buddy are letting me have the floor today… I feel honored. I thought I should share here at Sit ‘n Stay how this whole thing came about, since I recently shared this article over at which was more than an honor.  Seemed kind of silly I had never told the story of… Continue reading