From Both Sides NOW


Hey efurrypawdy, Buddy here.  Yup, rub your eyes and blink a few times and then look again.  It’s ME!  I’ve been pretty lucky since crossing over, I have a very liberal “hall pass” system and get to come back and forth a lot and break through for important missions.  Of course I gotta tell ya,… Continue reading


Living NOW

Hey everypawdy, Maxx here.  Ok, I admit my blog posting has been a bit slow and sporadic.  Truth is, as a young pupper it has been a bit hard to find “my” voice.  Oh I know my Mommers would beg to differ.  She hears my voice plenty and we are working hard on controlling that… Continue reading


Dear doG

Hey everypawdy, Maxx here!  Fur any of you who haven’t met me I’m the new ambassador appointed by both Buddy and Bob to carry on the legacy.  I have big paws to fill, but I’m up to it… I’m sure if it! Ya know I’ve noticed this is kind of an awkward stage that humans… Continue reading